Varivananathar Sivan Kovil


This Sivan temple is situated in Chavakacheri to the West of the town on the road stretching from the Rest house junction to the Railway station. This road leads towards the South. It is learnt that the MahaKumbhabhishekam ceremonies of this temple were held in the years 1948 and 1971 customarily. The Chief Deity of this temple “Sri SanthirasagaraVarivananathar” and his consort is “Sri AmirthabashiniAmbal”. The annual high festivals last for 10 days and on the penultimate day the “Ther” or car festival is held and on the final day “Theertham” or water cutting ceremony is conducted in the lotus pond on the West of the said said temple. Auspicious day affiliated to Load Siva, Goddess Ambal, LoadVinayagar and Load Murugan are observed and rituals performed in this temple regularly.

Travel Path

Travel along A9 road from Chavakachcheri junction towards Jaffna 100m -> from Chavahachcheri junction turn Left along Station Road 1.2Km ->Varivananthar Sivan Kovil.

Contact Name

Urban Council (021-2270041)

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