Stone Fences


The stone fences called `Baheer` found in Delft are another attraction of all concerned. These stones structuresare the boundary fences of the houses and garden plots in most parts of Delft. These stone fences have been erected using both small sized and large sized stones which are stacked one over the other.The entrances are made up of palmyrah logs.

Travel Path

Jaffna Bus Stand-> Turn Right to Hospital road 700m->Turn left to KKSroad turn left and travel along (AB19)15.8->Araly Junction. Travel along(AB39)3.6km->MadathuvaliPillaiyarkovil -> Turn left side 12.6km ->Kurikadduvan-> Boat Service (1Hour & 20 minutes) Delft Island.

Contact Name

Pradeshiya Saba (021-3216476) / Divisional Secretariat.

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