Siddiveram Kannakai Amman Kovil


This temple is found in the midst of old trees near the village of Varani on Point Pedro-Kodikamam main road. The annual high festivals are held for 14 days commencing from the VaikasiPongal day. This terminates on the full moon day in the month of Vaikasi, Subsequently certain days of religious significance are observed and special Poojas held in this temple regularly during the course of the year. Such day as PanguniThingal, KarthikaiThingal, Navarathiri (9days), KetharagowriViratham (21 days), VaraluxmiViratham, AadiPooram, Beginning of month of Aadi, AaniUttaram, Thaipoosam, MasiMaham, MahaSivarathiri, VinayakarViratham and Thiruvembavanai (10 days).

Travel Path

Travel along A9 road from Kilinochchi to Jaffna, at Kodikamam junction turn Right ->Kodikamam Point Pedro road 3.5 Km ->SiddiveramKannakai Amman Kovil.

Festival Season

Annual Grand Festival celebrated for 14 days in May

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