Rubbing Stone Aavuranchukal


A lime stone piece, made into a tapered cylindrical shape of about 3 feet and 6 inches high, can be seen erected near a resting place, water tank and shady trees, and it is meant for the cattle to rub their body on it for soothing effects against skin itching. This is referred to as “aavuronchikallu” in Tamil. Naturally large shady trees are ideal and comfortable resting places for humans and cattle. The shady trees continue to remain part of the resting complex, as they are useful in keeping the environment cool and they still provide the much needed shade for animals to rest.

Travel Path

Bus Stand -> Right side 150m  Kasthuriyar Road 100m turn left to Stanly Road 150m Jaffna ManipayKarainagar road (AB17) 4.7Km Turn left to Vaddukoddai – Kokuvil Road (B230) 4.4 Km Aavaranchukal.

Contact Name

Pradeshiya Saba (Valikamam West) 021-3212465/021-2250144

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