Pillayar Kovil & Murugan Kovil


There are two temples one dedicated to Load Pillayar and other dedicated to Load Murugan situated close to each other in the Chulipuram village. These two temples are lavishly surrounded by paddy fields. The annual high festivals of Pillayar Temple are held for twelve days ending on Uththaram (Position of star) during the month of June. The annual high festival of Murugan Temple are held for twelve days during the month of May. The Chariot festival is held on Vishagam (star). It will be wonderful sight to witness the patrons of the temples and worshipers performing Kavadi dance and other forms of penance in fulfillment of their vows. The daily Poojas are also performed regularly.

Travel Path

Bus stand -> Right side 150m -> Kasthuriyar Road 100m -> Turn left to Stanly Road 150m -> Jaffna Manupay Karainagar Road (AB17) 15.2km -> Chulipuram junction -> Inner Road 2.1km -> Pillayar Kovil & Murugam Kovil.

Contact Name

The Chief Priest, Pillayar Kovil & Murugan Kovil, Chullipuram.

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