Pigeons’ Cage


There are many archeological monuments in the Delft Island. Pigeon’s cage is one such archeological sites which has a history of more than three hundred years of history. This was constructed during the Dutch period. It is tall and constructed of cement. It has observation peepholes in the cage. This is the ancient structures which attract more tourists to this Island.

Travel Path:-

Jaffna Bus Stand -> Turn Right to Hospital road 700m -> Turn left to KKS road turn left and travel along (AB19) 15.8 Km ->Araly junction. Travel along (AB39) 3.6m ->MadathuvaliPillayarKovil -> Turn left 12.6 Km ->Kurikadduvan -> Boat Service (1Hour & 20 minutes) -> Delft Island.

Contact Name:-

Pradeshiya Saba (021-3216476)/ Division Secretariat.

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