Jaffna Clock Tower


The Jaffna Clock Tower is about 135 years old and situated near the old sector of Jaffna Town. In 1875, the son of the then British Queen “victoria”, His Highness the Prince of Wales who later became the king with the name Edward VII, visited Sri Lanka. Jaffna citizen collected money to celebrated this occasion and to give a present to him. After the occasion  they were left with some balance and a decision was made to build a clock tower to commemorate the visit of The Prince. The government Architecture Mr.Srithar designed the Tower. The tower had been renovated with the help of Prince and opened by British High Commissioner on 19th June 2002.

Travel Path

Bus Stand -> Travel through Hospital road -> 300m -> on turn right side and travel along Mahadma Gandi road -> 200m -> Clock Tower.

Contact Name

Municipal Council (021-2222275)

Near Touriest Places

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