Foot of the man of forty feet height


A large foot print which appears to be that of a very big or giant sized man is found in the midst of the lime stone heaps in the sarapiddy area of Delft West. Compared t

o the foot print of an average sized man, this particular foot print in extra large. Therefore it is believed to be that of a man who would have been forty feel tall.

Travel path:- Jaffna Bus Stand -> Turn Right to hospital road 700m->Turn left to KKSroad turn left and travel along(AB19)15.8km ->Araly Junction. Travel along(AB39)3.6km->Kurikadduvan ->Boat Service (1Hour 20 minutes) ->Delft Island.

Contact Name:-Pradeshiya Saba (021-3216476) / Divisional Secretariat.

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