Chankanai Madam (Resting Place)


Several resting places were found along all major roads in the Jaffna region. Many of these are now in ruins or demolished. Many place names such as “ottumadam”, ”Aarukal Madam”, “Saanthaiyar madam”, “Madaththadi”, “Maruthanaar madam” etc., still remind us the way-side reset lobbies which once stood there.

In those days, when many peoples used to travel even long distance by foot, sometimes with their agriculture product on their heads, these resting places provided them with comfort and relaxation. Many others who use bullock carts for traveling and transportation of goods also needed such places to feed their animals and give them some rest on the way specially during hot summer months. A resting places in Jaffna consisted of the following features: a resting place, well, water tank and large shady trees around the place.

Travel Path

Bus stand -> Right side150m ->Kasthuriyar road -> Turn left to Stanly road Junction -> Turn Right Side -> KKS road (AB16) 3.8Km ->Kokuvil junction turn left -> travel alone Kokuvil – Vaddukoddai rod (B230) 5.9Km ->Saanthaiyaar madam.

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