Bao Bab Tree


This huge ancient tree called “perukkumaram” in Tamil in known as the Baobabtree is found in the Eastern section of Delft. It is believed that this tree would have been planted centuries ago by the Arabs. The bottom of the tree is the biggest tree in the Jaffna district. Only a few trees of this variety(perukkumaram) are found in sri Lanka at present. The flowers of this tree are white and the berries are round and green.

Travel Path

Jaffna Bus Stand -> Turn Right to hospital road 700m->Turnleft to KKSroad turn left and travel along (AB19)15.8km ->Araly Junction. Travel along(AB39) 3.6km->Madathuvalipillaiyarkovil-> Turn left side 12.6km ->Kurikadduvan ->Boat Service (1Hour 20 minutes)->Delft Island.

Contact Name

Pradeshiya Saba (021-3216476) / Divisional Secretariat.



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