Analaitivu Iyanar Kovil

Analaitivu is one of the islets that about the peninsula of Jaffna. The guardian deity of this islet is lord aiyanar whose temple is founded there. This significant tree of this temple is the KOOLA tree. “Theertham”, sacred water used for ceremonial purposes is a portion of the indian ocean. Although this is a rural temple, the poojas are held in accordance with the agamic rules. The annual high festivals are held for ten days commencing on the fifth day from the new moon (day) (sukkila padcham 5th day) to the full moon day.
It will be a wonderful sight to witness the worshippers performing kavadi dance and other forms of penance in fulfillment of their vows. On the car festival day, load aiyanar is carried in a car with artistic carvings and godly image on it.
Travel path
Bus stand -> turn right side -> 700m though hospital road -> 200m KKS road and turn left side -> 300m passed by Jaffna Fort then, travel along Jaffna – Kayts road (AB19) -> 20.7km kayts junction -> 2km Kannaki Amman Kovilady Jetty then ferry service 40 minutes -> analaitivu jetty -> 1.4km analaitivu iyanar kovil.
Contact name
Chief priest – analaitivu iyanaar kovil & Festival season – 10 days.

Festival Photos Album
1) Analaitivu Iyanar Kovil Thiruvilza 1
2) Analaitivu Iyanar Kovil Thiruvilza 2
3) Analaitivu Iyanar Kovil Thiruvilza 3


Photos: Analaitivu Iyanar Kovil Malar & Kovil Devotee

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